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Why Are People Switching To WPX Web Hosting Services?

People are moving to the best web hosting services in this year and why not? It is the best in business.

Factors Responsible for the Shift

  • The great speed is one of the predetermining facts, when deciding upon the web hosting services. It really does not matter, what website platform you are using, it can host all platforms really well.
  • Time to First Byte, is an important factor when deciding your web hosting service parameters. It is an important part of the prerequisites. It means the length of time required to get the first response from your server. It should definitely be below 500 ms. For most other web hosting services, it is really on the higher side.
  • Bitcatcha server response time is another important factor. The WPX Hosting also gives a great number on this parameter. Some of the best running sites in the market have response times of 30-50 ms, however this one gives it in flat 1-2 ms. The US market is really seeing great days ahead, with such web hosting services in the market.
  • To add to that, there is a dedicated control panel. The WPXHosting does not use the cPanel. They have their own custom made panel. You can make all changes to the account and websites, through that. The brand has their own dashboard that can help in navigation. It is an extremely important part of the package for new users.

WPX Hosting Review

Reviews in the market are great. It can surely save your website, from getting hacked. More servers are running short on security, customer support and most do not offer any back up. So, why not switch to the best ones in the business, like WPX.

It became the trusted host in the market, with a score of 9.8/ 10 on Trustpilot. It has received score of 4.9/ 5 on Facebook. So, nowadays, most bloggers are using WPX for higher security and great website performance. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase the best hosting services and see your website run fast and generate loads of business for you. It is a simple task, which can help you earn great bucks, in a jiffy.